Melrose Youth Softball is a recreational softball program that runs in the Spring and Summer. MYS is dedicated to teaching girls the sport of softball as well as teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship and self-respect.
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Softball skills clinics and the spring season!

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Dear MYS Community,

  Great news! Our annual Winter Skills Clinic for girls in grades 3 through 9 is scheduled to start this coming Sunday, March 1st at 4pm at the Rams Athletic Complex in North Reading. We have reserved half of their interior facility for our girls. There will be a series of “stations” set up that will enable their professional instructors to help our girls improve different aspects of offensive and defensive skills. Typically the girls are divided up by age and put through drills that focus on the fundamentals like batting, catching, throwing, etc. It’s a great program and every year I am pleased with the results and I hope the girls are too.

  Besides, after all this terrible weather my daughter is READY to get out and do something active for a little while! The clinics will be held on Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm on March 1st, 8th and 22nd. It only costs $30 for all three clinics and we hope your daughter can take advantage of it. 

  You can still sign up for them here:

  Girls who are in 1st and 2nd grade will get their own skills clinics on Wednesday evenings (3/18, 3/25, 4/1 and 4/8) at 6pm. They last about an hour and will be run by Michelle Carson – I can think of nobody better to introduce them to the joy and excitement of softball. The clinics will focus on the basic rules and skills that will help them to enjoy the upcoming seasons. She’s great with the girls and I’m sure she will inspire them to look forward to the spring. There is no fee for these workshops so there is no reason not to bring your daughter (and her friend?) to the Roosevelt gym!

  On those same nights, at 7pm there will be a pitching clinic for girls in grades 4, 5 and 6 at the Roosevelt gym. For that hour they will receive professional instruction on the art and science of softball pitching techniques and skills. We thought the instructors from last year were so good that we asked them to come back for a second year. Although it doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, we can only accept 15 players for this clinic, so please sign up right away!

  On those same nights at 8pm will be the final clinic of the evening: Pitching clinic for girls in grades 7, 8 and 9. Again, we can only accept 15 players for these workshops and hope your daughter can join us.

  Incidentally, we have seven players registered for each of the pitching workshops – so sign up right away!

  Finally, I hope you will take a few minutes to sign your daughter up for the spring 2015 season. We have great coaches who are committed to teaching the girls the best athletic and sportsmanship skills possible. They all have daughters on the teams and are a pleasure to work with. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to sign your daughter up for the new season here:

  In conclusion, this winter can’t last forever so start looking forward to the brisk morning games and hot afternoon playoffs!

  Play ball!

Melrose Youth Softball

  Softball Friends

by posted 02/27/2015
Softball Skills Clinic is only two weeks away!

Hi everyone,

  Great news! Despite the truly epic amount of snow, softball season is getting closer and closer. How near is Opening Day? Its so near that MYS is about to start up the annual Winter Skills Clinic for grades 3 through 9 at the Rams Sports Complex in North Reading! It is scheduled for the following Sundays:  March 1st, 8th, 22nd and 29th (SKIPPING THE 15th!!) from 4pm to 6pm.

  The clinic will provide an opportunity for the girls to learn new techniques and reinforce existing fundamentals as taught by their professional staff.

  "That sounds great! How do I get in on this softball goodness?!"

  I'm glad you asked.

  Click on this link to go and register and you're golden!

  These events will instruct the girls in offense and defense but will not cover pitching ... for that we have provided a whole separate clinic that will be held at the Roosevelt Elementary school on Wednesday evenings on March 18th, March 25th, April 1st and April 8th! If your daughter is in grades 4, 5, 6 or 7. 8 or 9 and thinks she might like to pitch, she should absolutely attend these workshops. We will be using the same instructors as last year, from Top Gun Softball because we were so pleased with how the events turned out.

  If your daughter is in first or second grade, Michelle Carson will be running a series of clinics on Wednesday evenings at 6pm at the Roosevelts school on the same days as the pitching clinics (March 18th, March 25th, April 1st and April 8th). She's fantastic and the players really respond enthusiastically to her. 

  Really, I hope you will consider sending your daughter to at least one of these events. 

  Finally, please don't forget to register for the Spring 2015 season here:

  And if any coaches still have equipment bags from last season, please get in touch with  ( to return them. Thanks!


Rob Solomon

Melrose Youth Softball

by posted 02/17/2015
Melrose Softball - Reminder to Register for Spring Season

Melrose Youth Softball

Text Box:  Dear Melrose Youth Softball Community,

  So, the fields are all buried hip-deep in snow but this is the time when we have to start preparing for those chilly spring days when we can actually get out there and start scooping grounders and playing some softball! Honestly, I was just at Play It Again Sports in Stoneham and they already have used softballs for sale! Its never too early!

Register for Spring 2015

  First, I would like to invite everyone to please register ASAP for the 2015 spring season. We have a really great season planned and hope that your children can be a part of it. The season will get started as soon as the city lets us get on the fields, usually in the middle of April. Coaches will typically reach out to their teams during the first two weeks of April in preparation for the spring season. The first games will probably be scheduled to start after the April break. Please go here ( to register for the spring season and start looking forward catching pop-flies, getting some solid hits and running the bases.

Winter Skills Clinics

  Next, it is my great pleasure to announce that our ever-popular winter skills clinics are scheduled for Sunday afternoons on March 1st, 8th, 22nd and the 29th (skipping the 15th!) at the Rams Complex in North Reading. It is only a 15 minute drive north from Melrose and the facility really fits our needs well. This is for players in grades 3 through 9. The girls will receive coaching advice from professional coaches (high school, college, etc) in offensive and defensive skills. This is the third year that we have had this event and it has always been a big hit with the girls. The cost is also a very reasonable $30 for all four afternoons. We are eager for every eligible girl to get a chance to attend this event so please register ASAP:

  Our farm league winter skills clinic will be held on Wednesday, March 18th, March 25th, April 1st and April 8th at 6pm. Michelle Carson and players from the Melrose High School girls softball team will be running this clinic to teach basic softball skills to 1st and 2nd grade players. Michelle has run this clinic for us several times in the past and her boundless enthusiasm for the sport is picked up by the girls. She and the Lady Raiders will help the girls’ fundamental skills that they will use a few weeks later in the spring season. It’s a great opportunity with an even better price tag: Its free. Yeah, we get them hooked young and hope they will continue playing in the following years. The league is interested in building strong girls with great softball skills, so we hope you will bring your daughter to this event. In order to gauge how many players will attend we ask you to sign up here:

Pitching Clinics

  The league has also arranged to provide specialized pitching clinics to girls who are interested in playing that position. Pitcher is a challenging but rewarding position to play with some very specific skills that can be difficult to acquire without some focused instruction. We have asked the same professional instructors from last year (Jackie Collier from Top Guns Softball) to return to help teach our players the best fundamentals and to expand existing skills at the higher level. If your daughter isn’t sure if it is something she wants to try during the season, this is a great opportunity to spend a few nights learning the right forms and exercises to build good habits. The clinics for girls in grades 4, 5 and 6 will be held at the Roosevelt gymnasium on Wedesday March 18th, March 25th, April 1st and April 8th at 7pm, immediately following the junior winter skills clinic. You can register your daughter here:  The pitching clinic for players in grades 7, 8 and 9 will be held in the same location on Wednesday March 18th, March 25th, April 1st and April 8th as well. You can sign up here: There is a limit of only 15 players for each class at both levels. If we allow more than that the gym starts to become too hazardous! So please sign up right away!

Final Notes

Lastly, I need to put out a request for volunteers. If anyone has been thinking about coaching this may be your year! The coaches are truly the lifeblood of this league and we depend on volunteers from the community to step forward and help the girls during the spring. Also, I need to ask for anyone who is interested in helping at the board level to let us know. We have lots of positions available to take advantage of whatever skills you might be able to offer. Because we are a volunteer run organization we depend on the kindness and generosity of Melrose parents to keep our league moving forward.  We hope you will consider donating some of your time to help the girls and would sincerely appreciate whatever you can do. Please send an email to if you have a little time to devote to MYS. Thanks very much!

Melrose Youth Softball

by posted 02/05/2015
December 2014

Hi Everyone,

  I hope nobody got washed away with all the rain we had during the last week and that this holiday season finds everyone in good health.

The good news is that it is the middle of December and everyone knows that means it is time to start talking about softball and the spring 2015 season!!

“How can that be, Rob?” you might be asking. First, softball gear always makes a good present. Although Dick’s Sporting Goods has a good selection of gear in the spring that’s still several months off. Instead, I would like to direct you to an article on the website: that describes how to select a bat for that special little girl in your life. Likewise, has a pretty thorough discussion of selecting a new softball mitt.

Also, the Melrose Youth Softball Online Registration service is now open for your convenience. Click on this link to sign up your daughters for the Spring 2015 season: I encourage you to sign up as early as possible to take advantage of a $5 “early bird” discount available until January 1st 2015.

As in previous years, MYS will be offering our famous Winter Skills Clinics at the Rams Complex in North Reading starting at the end of February as well as the Farm League and Minor League skills clinics at the Roosevelt school gymnasium. We will publish the dates and provide a registration link as soon as they become available.

As usual the spring season will begin around the middle of April – as soon as the city opens the fields and will run through the second week of June.

Finally, the board would be very interested in hearing any suggestions you might have to improve our league after last season. Was there anything we really botched? Anything that went especially well? If you have any helpful ideas that you would like to share, please send them to . Thanks

Likewise, we are eager to recruit additional volunteers to help with the governance of the league and would like to invite anyone who might be interested to join us. We meet once per month during the winter and as the spring approaches we may meet as much as once per week to get the season off the ground. To be included in any future meetings, please let me know at .



Melrose Youth Softball

by posted 12/14/2014
Welcome to Spring 2014!

Melrose Youth Softball

Hi Everyone,

                Great news – this week represents the beginning of the 2014 spring season. Today (April 28th), is our league’s opening day! On the Lebanon field at 6pm the mighty Turtles will be taking on the undefeated Frogs in what promises to be the start of a classic rivalry. Likewise, at The Commons Store Side field, in the Major League (grades 5 and 6) the fierce Coyotes will be attempting to put away their first win against the mighty Panthers, a team loaded with power and speed. Please feel free to stop by and cheer on your favorite team!

                All this week every one of our teams will be getting started with their first games. Most will play a game during the week and one on Saturday. Most teams will have had a chance to get a practice or two under their belts by now, but a couple will be getting to see each other for the first time. Uniforms should be distributed by now, with the exception of the pants. I hear that some teams have distributed them while others are still getting the sizes right. Please remember to write your daughter’s name in the visor.

                IMPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT – Picture Day 2014 has been scheduled for May 10th! That’s less than two weeks from now, so I wanted to make sure everyone knows about it. As usual, it will be held at the Lebanon Field. Even if your daughter isn’t so excited about the pictures or you don’t plan on ordering any yourself, please encourage her to come so that the whole team can be together for the photos. We will have on-line photo registration as soon as we get a link from the photo company. We will get more info you regarding what time specifically your team should come to the field when it is determined.

                Also, I wanted to let you know that if the city closes the fields due to rain or (perish the thought) snow, we will also mark the fields as “closed” which will automatically send an email or text message to everyone who has games or practices that day. However, if the city does not close the fields we leave it up to the participating coaches to determine the playability of the facilities.

                If you want to see specific information about your daughter’s team on the website, click on “Teams” and then “Choose a team” and follow the links to find your daughter’s division and team. There you will find contact information for the coaches, the team members, the schedule and even your team’s standings in relation to other teams in the division.

                For planning purposes, I wanted to let you know that the season will go through all of May and in to the second week of June. During the second weekend of June will be the playoffs for the Seniors and Majors. After the second weekend of June we start to lose a lot of players to family vacations and end-of-the-year celebrations, so we have to cram a lot of activity in to a short season.

                Thank you to all of the coaches who have been working with the girls over the past two weeks to get ready for the beginning of the season and thank you to all of the parents who have shuttled their girls to the practices thus far. We’re just getting started so expect the excitement to ramp up as the players start to win some games, learn some skills and have some fun!

Play ball!

-Rob Solomon

PS: I am dying to get some pictures of the players on the website. Right now, the photos are all of the teams my daughter has played on and the team photos from 2013. If you come across any photos that you wouldn’t mind sharing with everyone, please send them to me and I will post them on the website. Thanks!

by posted 04/28/2014
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